City of Tarpon Springs
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City Departments

City Clerk
City Manager
Code Enforcement
Cultural Services
Development Services
Economic Development
Emergency Management
Fire rescue
Golf Course
Human Resources
Parks Maintenance
Police Department
Procurement Services
Public Services
Public Works
Roads & Streets
Sanitation & Recycling
Treatment Plant
Utility Billing
Water Distribution & Sewage collection
Water Division


Phone numbers for:
Auto Tag Information         (727) 464-5500
Property Appraiser             (727) 464-8780
Tax Collector                     (727) 464-5560
Supervisor of Elections        (727) 464-3551
Q.  How and where do I register to vote?
Forms are available at the City Clerk’s Office; Library; and at the Driver’s License office

Q.  How do I obtain an absentee ballot and what do I need?
If you are requesting an absentee ballot for a City election, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (727) 942-5614.  If there is a General Election, ballots must be requested from the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections – (727) 464-6788.  They will advise you of information needed.

Q.  Where do I vote (Precinct Number)?
You must know your precinct number.  The City provides a listing of all Tarpon Springs precincts prior to the election.
Call the City Clerk’s Office at (727) 942-5614.

Q.  How do I establish residency?

     (declaration of  domicile)?
This must be obtained at Pinellas County (727) 464-3000

Q. How do I register my kids for school?

Contact Pinellas County Schools – (727) 586-1818

Q.  Where is the Chamber located and what is the phone number?
111 East Tarpon Avenue - Phone Number (727) 937-6109.

Q.  How and where do I file for Homestead Exemption?
File this at the Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s Office, please contact them for what information is needed (727) 464-3207.

Q.  Where is the Driver’s License Office and what is the phone number?
The office is located in the Manatee Village shopping center on Pinellas Avenue (Alternate 19).
Information Line:            (727) 942-5436
Appointment Line:          (727) 942-5427

Q. Does the City accept credit cards and Credit Card payments?
Credit card payments are accepted in person and over the counter for:  building permits, deposits for new accounts, utility bills, etc.  

Also, credit card payments for utility bills only can be made on-line or over the phone – (727) 942-5614.  
For online payments please visit

Q. What is the Garbage collector’s phone number?
Waste Management – (727) 572-8779

Q.  What are the trash pick up days?
Varies - Check with the Sanitation Division at (727) 943-4837

Q.  What are the recycle pick up days?
Varies – Check with Sanitation Division at (727) 943-4837

Q. Where can I get can I get a Boat Launch permit?
During regular working hours: City Clerk’s Office and City Marina
Boat Launch fees are:

Residents:  12 mont period $26.75
Non-Residents: 12 month period $107.00
Non-Residents: 30 day period $26.75

Q.  Where are the boat ramps in Tarpon?
Ramps are located at Craig Park – at the end of South Spring Boulevard (near old Library) and Sunset Beach (located at the end of Gulf Road)

 Q.  What are the hours of the boat ramps?
 Craig Park ramp is open 24 hrs.
 Sunset Beach closes at dark or (9:00 p.m.)

 Q.  Where do I get a yard sale permits? 
Yard sale permits can be purchased in the Building department for $2.00.  There is no charge for residents over 65.

Q.  Where do I get a marriage license? 
Contact Pinellas County Clerk of Court: General number (727) 464-3000)
Q.  Where do I get copies of death certificates and birth certificates? 
Contact Bureau of Vital Statistics – (727) 823-2483